Featured projects

eDefenseInc and DCGS

U.S. Army Test & Evaluation Command (ATEC) Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) evaluation.

The Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) allows analysts to gather intelligence data from ACS and multiple other sources and distribute it to a network of Army battle command applications. e-Defense Incorporated, along with its partner VRC Corp, will provide ATEC Test and Evaluation and analytical support for the DCGS-A program.
eDefenseInc JEEP

Joint Test & Evaluation (JT&E) JEEP Quick Reaction Test (QRT).

The JEEP QRT aim is to develop standardized TTP for war fighters to establish and operate entry control points (ECP) and integrate escalation of force procedures in a counterinsurgency environment. These TTP will be incorporated into a handbook focused at junior leaders and war fighters. The JEEP handbook can be used as a guide to establish a new ECP, improve existing ECP, or to train war fighters who are preparing to deploy. The goal of JEEP is to develop ECP processes that will protect war fighters, reduce ambiguity, and minimize the need to resort to deadly force.

Also, for the first time, e-Defense Incorporated will apply virtual technology to validate and test the TTP contained within the JEEP handbook. Virtual validation ensures accuracy and provides additional levels of confidence to the end user--our nation's warfighter!

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Past Projects

e-Defense Incorporated projects are highly technical and robust, just like our experts who accomplish them. We like to say, "A companies future can be outline by its past." Below are but a few of our most recent accomplishments

  • Test and Evaluation (T&E) support of the TROJAN Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal (SPIRIT) Lightweight Intelligence Telecommunications Equipment (LITE) communications system
  • T&E support to Army Test and Evaluation (ATEC) and Future Combat Systems Unattended Urban and Tactical Ground Sensor systems.

Last added projects

e-Defense Incorporated begins support to VRC Corp for system evaluation under the Army's Intelligence Evaluation Directorate.

Be sure to visit VRC Corp's web site today and read about the tremendous capabilities this company provides.