In the news


Partnered with SAIC, e-Defense Incorporated is awarded Quick Reaction Test (QRT) contract supporting the Army's Joint Test and Evaluation Command.


e-Defense Incorporated begins its Information System Evaluation effort with VRC Corp.

24 January 09

EDI begins work for VRC Corporation and the Army's Test and Evaluation Command and Future Combat Systems.

12 November 08

Eden Defense launches new corporate web site in order to maximize information sharing and collaboration.

Looking into the future

The e-Defense Incorporated (EDI) principles are the foundation for our actions as leaders, colleagues, employees and citizens.

Our commitment to guide our individual and organizational conduct by the Principles help us in achieving status as one world-class company. As EDI grows evermore diverse and global, the Principles will help us to define further who we are, what we believe and what we aspire to be for ourselves, our clients and stakeholders.