Our Clients

U.S. Government
  • U.S. Army Test & Evaluation Command
Industry Clients

  • VRC Corporation
  • SAIC
Comercial Clients

  • Estime Enterprises, Inc
  • The Daedalus Foundation
  • Daedalus Project

Commitment to clients

The commitment we make to our clients has been documented in industry research as well as in our own findings, and is demonstrated in long-term client relationships which are the hallmark of our firm. Consistency is an important quality against which organizations like ours are judged. At e-Defense Incorporated, we deliver a consistent client commitment through our own unique client relationship management model.

Our clients are at the center of all we do. They expect and receive open and honest dialogue about everything that happens here. Integrity is one of our Guiding Principles and we state our commitment to it as follows: “Our reputation is our most important asset. We uphold and encourage ethical behavior in all circumstances. We do the right thing with conviction, candor, compassion, and courage. Integrity is our highest ideal, which we implement each day through honest, open communication.”

Our service platform is characterized by the quality and expertise of our people. Client Service teams are empowered to make decisions and take whatever steps are necessary to exceed client expectations. Our commitment is to anticipate needs, develop the right solutions, and deliver results in an individualized manner customized to fit each client’s unique requirements.

Every Client Service team works closely with their client at every step of the way, from the initiation of a new relationship, to review meetings, to administering operational requests, to celebrating client relationship anniversaries. Importantly, a member of the team also participates in the client service program. Portfolio Managers, Analysts and/or Portfolio Strategists attend and actively participate in client meetings to review performance.

We aspire to excellence in all that we do, from the dedication of our teams to the steadfast commitment of the Client Service team approach to our clients. We believe this to be an important competitive advantage and one that takes years to develop. It has been and continues to be a key part of business at e-Defense Incorporated.