Intelligence Gathering and Analysis

  • Intelligence Analysis and Operations
  • Tagging/Tracking/Locating
  • Multi-INT Data Exploitation/Fusion
  • Information Operations and Investigations
  • Cyber Intelligence gathering and reporting

Systems Support

  • ISR Rapid RDT&E
  • System Training
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Security Design Documents and Security Concepts of Operations
  • SOF Technology Operational Integration and CONOP Development
  • TTL & Technology Enabling for Low Level Source Operations and non-traditional collection
  • Test and Evaluation

Management and Acquisitions

  • Low Signature International Logistics
  • Mission Planning/System Training
  • CONOP Development
  • TTPs Development
  • Organizational and Process Optimization
  • Outsourcing/Vendor Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Procurement & Acquisition Management
  • Program Management & Business Process Reengineering

In the Spotlight

e-Defense Incorporated (EDI) takes virtual training to the next level. We are defining future systems and their underlying technologies. We are developing next generation training solutions enabling accelerated experiential learning.

Tomorrow’s first responders and soldiers will use our advanced virtual systems to get critical training fast. We’re helping to define a nationwide standard information network architecture and other advanced information systems that will provide on-demand virtual training.

Innovative Projects

Advanced Steganography Analysis

Our patented Steganography Detection over Internet Protocol (S-DoIP) identifies, parses, and categorizes embedded files.

Insider Threat Detection and Mitigation

Advanced bio-metric analysis aimed at authenticating network activity to terminal users.